About the GEM Hazard Team

The GEM Hazard Team is a small group of scientists focused on global and regional seismic hazard assessment. We develop openly-accessible earthquake hazard models at the regional level, typically in collaboration with national organizations and international projects. We also develop a comprehensive, state-of-the-art suite of open-source earthquake hazard and risk modeling tools that we and other organizations use to develop hazard models and related analysis at a range of scales.

One of our current major projects is the construction of a global mosaic of hazard models. This mosaic is built by synthesizing community-based or national/international projects where available, and creating new, openly accessible models in regions where current coverage is lacking.

For more information on the GEM Hazard Team and its projects, check out the GEM Hazard Wiki.

About the GEM Global Active Faults project

The GEM Global Active Faults project (GEM-GAF) is building a comprehensive, global dataset of active fault lines of seismogenic concern. The database will first and foremost be used for global, regional, and local seismic hazard, though it will certainly be useful for geoscientific research, education, and curiosity satisfaction as well.